Ultimate Balance Sheet

When I think about life and what really matters, and I consider my education in accounting, it makes me think about a balance sheet. Usually a balance sheet is a snapshot of a company’s assets, liabilities, and equity. We can have all the assets in the world, but we can’t […]

New $100 Bills

God Life Sport Ultimate Training Camp

We are hiring!

As the new Northeast Regional Director, I am excited to announce that we are hiring! We have Full-Time and Part-Time positions at colleges such as Harvard, Yale, Brown, Cornell, Syracuse, UConn, and many more from NY to Maine. We also have positions globally and at our headquarters in Xenia, OH. […]

If we came from monkeys? 7

Every time I see a TV program on PBS that references the ‘fact of evolution’ such and such, I wonder, when did it become a fact instead of ‘The Theory of Evolution’? Did I miss something, maybe while we were away during those 3 years we lived in China? How […]

Why I am a Missionary 1

Here is why I’m a missionary: 1. Stuff comes and goes and in the end, I can’t take anything with me.┬áThe only thing I can do in this life that will last for eternity is to help others find a relationship with God through his Son, Jesus Christ. I believe […]

University of Rochester Club Day

Athletes In Action in Rochester is up and running again this school year. We have active groups on St. John Fisher College, University of Rochester, and SUNY Brockport. We look to launch RIT and Roberts this year. Still need more female staff to help as we have more opportunities than […]