Daniel from Ghana

It was our pleasure to host Daniel, a Dayton senior that was invited to Rochester this week to try out for the Rochester Rhinos professional soccer team. Daniel is a strong believer involved with Athletes In Action in Dayton and is a long way from his home in Ghana. Happy […]

Is that golf tee legal?

Every time I tee it up on the first hole, someone in the foursome cracks, “Is that golf tee legal?” I reply, “Of course it is. It’s a Brush T and conforms to the R&A and USGA rulings.” At first, I thought these comments were because they really care about the rules of […]

How we get paid as missionaries

Have you ever wondered how missionaries get paid? After 20 plus years of being a missionary, I’m still amazed how it happens. Basically, the mission organization that you work for sets the amount you get paid. Then, either they have the funds to pay you or you have to find […]