How we get paid as missionaries

Have you ever wondered how missionaries get paid? After 20 plus years of being a missionary, I’m still amazed how it happens.

Basically, the mission organization that you work for sets the amount you get paid. Then, either they have the funds to pay you or you have to find the funds or some combination of these two methods.

My organization is in the category of not having central funds to pay its employees. So each missionary is responsible to go out and find enough financial support to get paid. If we find enough, we get paid. If not, we do not get paid, or we get partial pay.

What that means is that I met with hundreds of people, shared my vision and calling as a missionary, and asked them if they would join our financial support team. I’d also ask them to introduce me to at least five of their friends. Once I got to 100% of the financial goal that my organization set for me, I was able to report to my first missionary assignment, the University of Delaware.

As the years go by, some financial supporters drop off for various reasons and I need to find new financial supporters. The process continues to this day.

One accountability feature in this process is that if I find more financial support than I need to get paid that month, the extra rolls over to the next month. My salary is capped by the organization, so having the extra does not mean I can just get paid more that month. It means that if I build up a positive account balance, it will help offset months that not enough support comes in to cover getting paid.

We love being missionaries and we love our financial support team. Many of our partners have been with us for more than 20 years. Ultimately, it is by faith that we get paid as missionaries.

If you want to talk about becoming a missionary and/or about fund development to get paid as a missionary, please contact me or comment below. I want to help you influence eternity. I’ll reply within 24 hours. 

China Dorm Room 1996

China Dorm Room 1996