Future of Universities

Here’s my prediction about the future of our universities:

Only the top universities in our country are going to survive. Universities that have large enough endowments to cover their operating expenses and scholarships for students. Thousands of small private colleges with insufficient resources are going to close down, dramatically downsize, or go completely digital with their curriculum with a new twist. Students will live and eat on campus but attend classes taught by a professor from one of the top universities in the country via some sort of internet video stream.

This will dramatically lower the operating expenses for the university as they will only pay a small fee for the content compared to paying for onsite tenured professors. These costs savings will be passed on to the students, thus making it affordable for them to live on campus and benefit from the community environment.

The current system is unsustainable. Students can not afford to go to college and the return on their investment is not worth the debt they are taking on. Parents do not have money to send their kids to college. It’s just a matter of time. Here’s an example of what is coming – Click here for a link to what has just happened this week at Grambling State.