Why I am a Missionary 1

Here is why I’m a missionary:

1. Stuff comes and goes and in the end, I can’t take anything with me. The only thing I can do in this life that will last for eternity is to help others find a relationship with God through his Son, Jesus Christ. I believe our spirit will last for eternity. I want to help as many as possible find their way to living with God in heaven for eternity.

2. I believe people are blinded to these ultimate truths in life. We get lost in the confusion of this world. The hurts. The pains. The pressure. The success. The riches. The unjust events. The wars. The financial struggles. The strained relationships. The abuse. It is easy to lose heart or get proud and arrogant. We forget the bigger picture. We are just passing through. All these things will fade into the distance compared to a glorious eternal life with the Lord and creator of the universe. I want to help you discover these truths.

3. Being a missionary is an awesome job. We all have to make a living somehow. I’ve got bills. I’ve got kids that want stuff. More stuff than I can afford. I need day-to-day income. For me, my calling is a missionary. I love my job! I love my calling! I consider myself truly rich! And I am extremely thankful for the privilege to be a missionary.

How about you? Are you called to be a missionary? Are you called to be a lawyer, doctor, business owner, etc.? Do you love your job? Please comment below on why you are a __________ (fill in the blank with your job/calling). 

Summer Mission to Moscow in 1992

Summer Mission to Moscow in 1992


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