New Life in 2018

Running forward… finding new life

You make it possible for us to reach the young people of today with the great news of Jesus Christ.

As the Northeast Director of Research & Development at Athletes In Action, we innovate new ways to expand and pioneer ministries at Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Brown, Dartmouth, Columbia, MIT, UConn, UMass, NYU, University of Vermont, University of Maine, Syracuse University, RIT, and all the other universities from NY to Maine. One priority assignment, as the director of R&D, is to create new funding solutions for our ethnic minority staff. Also, as a special project assignment, we have been tasked with launching an Athletes In Action ministry in Lisbon, Portugal.

Can you imagine the impact these prestigious young people will have after they graduate? We have the opportunity to lead the charge.

Without central funds, Athletes In Action staff raise 100% of their financial funding for the ministry. As of March 2018, we are currently short (donations to budget) $3,600 in monthly partnerships. We have 3 month to find 36 friends to join our team at $100/month.

Will you please prayerfully consider joining our team?

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