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My Bio:

I accepted Christ as my Savior and Lord on March 11th, 1987. I was at a party at the Voyager Hotel in Daytona Beach, FL during spring break of my 1st year at the University of Virginia. Some students from Duke, with Cru, came into the hotel room, full of drunk students, to find people to talk to about Jesus Christ. They found me sitting on the bed over by the AC unit.

They shared the 4 Spiritual Laws booklet with me. Near the end of the booklet, they asked me why I had not accepted Christ yet. I said I had no more reasons. As the music and noise from the partying people blasted all around us, with our heads bowed, I prayed to receive Christ.

My life was changed forever. After graduating Virginia in 1990 with a BS in Commerce with an accounting concentration, I joined Cru Global as a full-time missionary. My calling is to help you change eternity like my life was changed!

Here are some highlights:

1990 – 1994 – University of Delaware – My first assignment as a full-time missionary with Cru. During these 4 years, I received extensive training in evangelism and discipleship, team dynamics, and falling in love! I met my amazing wife, Kristin, at Delaware, and we’ve been married since 1993.

1994-1996 – Indiana University of Pennsylvania – Our first assignment as a married missionary couple, we bought our first house thinking we would be there for a long time. Just six months into our work, the regional leaders of Cru asked us to prepare to lead a team to East Asia to pioneer new campus ministries.

1996-1999 – East Asia – Led a team of six Americans working on two universities. During our 3 years, we learned a ton about the Chinese language and culture. We registered a representative office for an American software company. We traveled throughout Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Having replaced ourselves with a local team, we returned to America 6 months pregnant with our first son.

1999-2011 – Rochester, NY – Pioneered Cru on 7 universities. Grew the missionary team from 2 to 15, the annual budget in donations from 100k to over 700k, the number of students involved from zero to over 500, and the number of students accepting Christ to over 100 per year.

2011-2013 – Launched Athletes In Action, the sports ministry of Cru, on three of the universities in Rochester, NY. Facilitated the establishment of the Rochester Ridgemen baseball team in the New York Collegiate Baseball League. Recruited a pastor with 20 plus years of experience and his wife to join Rochester Athletes In Action full-time.

2014 – 2017 – Worked as the Northeast Regional Director with Athletes In Action. In addition to continuing the work in Rochester, my new role was to expand and pioneer ministries at Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Brown, Dartmouth, Columbia, MIT, UConn, UMass, NYU, Vermont, Maine, Syracuse, Albany, and all the other universities from NY to Maine.

2018 – 2020 – Hired as the first ever Northeast Director of Research & Development with Athletes In Action. I continued to help our regional team expand and pioneer ministries in the Northeast. I also was tasked with solving a huge issue for our organization. Specifically, I was asked to innovate creative funding solutions for our ethnic minority staff. And as a special assignment, I helped launch an Athletes In Action ministry in Lisbon, Portugal.

2020 – Present – Leading the Rochester Ridgemen and continuing the work on innovating creative funding solutions for ethnic minority missionaries, ministers, and church planters.

As missionaries, we are paid from the generous donations of friends that share our concern for seeing young people reached for Christ. Kristin and I  would love for you to consider joining our support team. By partnering with us, you can help change eternity! Click here to for more information about joining our team.

Hole In One with Family Monroe Golf Club

Hole In One with my family Summer 2015